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Current obsessions
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Since I'm hopped up on cough syrup (again) and I like making lists, I thought I'd share some of my random current obsessions. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER MAYBE:

1) Star Wars: Clone Wars
Seriously, this show is amazing. I caught the second half of the movie in Sears one evening (yeah, you read that right) and immediately started watching the series. I lucked out and scored the first four seasons on DVD from Amazon for less than $20 a piece. I even got my dad into watching it, even though all he does is yell about how stupid the Jedi are because they a) don't just cut off everyone's heads, and b) they don't see that Palpatine is Sidious. It's kinda funny watching him watch it, though xD

2) Green Lantern: The Animated Series
This show is also amazing. I was in a state of confused rage for days when I heard it was cancelled. Hopefully we'll hear something good from SMGO in the next few days, but we'll see.

3) Dita von Teese
I've been aware of her for years, but never really got "into her". Well, that's changed. She's now someone I aspire to be more like, someone who's comfortable with her sexuality and her appearance and always looks fabulous no matter what.

4) Zuhair Murad/Stella de Libero
These fashion designers create some of the most gorgeous dresses and wedding gowns I've ever seen. Some of Libero's gowns I think are over-the-top and Murad needs to get better runway models (if he has any say in that, which I don't think he does) and stay away from the color beige, but their works are still beautiful.

5) Monster High
Okay, most of the dolls I'm not that crazy about fashion-wise (Cleo and Frankie mostly), but the ones I have (Abbey, Venus, Robecca, Rochelle, Draculaura, Jinafire, etc) are so fraggin' cute I can't stand it! I find myself liking the "secondary" characters more than the main cast lately. I'm on the lookout for Catrine de Mew at the moment and will be looking out for Gigi when she comes out this summer.

6) 666 Park Avenue
Another show canned before its time. Sure, it got off to a slow start, but once it took off it was spectacular! Word is that the final four episodes will air in June, but I hope they replay the previous eps before then because it's been so long I have no clue what's going on anymore.

FINALLY! Progress!!!
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Oh my gosh, I think we finally figured out how to make the bodice of this dress fit right! I just had to throw it in a corner for a month xD Hopefully I can finalize it entirely and get the fabric for it this week so I can get the base done and start getting materials for the embellishments...and making the lapels and hat. Run on sentence is fail xD

Mine-a Fright Night fanfic
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So, I've been writing a fic for Fright Night (Dinah's my OC) and one reviewer sorta kinda made a one-shot request and this is what came of it. I'm pleased with it overall; I just wish I was better at writing action scenes and all the brutal, bloody goodness :P Oh, and there's Nazis. Yeah. Nazis. Yay, Nazis! o_o

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Is it weird...
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...that I'm now hooked on Repo! The Genetic Opera fan fiction without having seen the movie yet? I've had the soundtrack on repeat for the past week or so and have seen clips of the songs on YouTube, but I don't think I can bring myself to watch the whole movie. I have issues with gory stuff, especially one particular death scene that involves someone ripping out her own eyes. Yuck. Anyway, in the past four hours I've read three (rather lengthy) fanfics for Repo! and I feel kinda weird about it. Dunno why xD

Two new fanfics...
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Like anyone is even reading this xD

Anyway, I've started two new fanfics that I'm actually quite proud of, at least for the overall idea and concept of each (my descriptions and dialogue could definitely be better). The first is "The Trickster's Lot" (Thor movie-verse). Set before the movie, it involves an OC named Coyote (after the Native American trickster spirit) who is the latest in a line of blessed/cursed children of a planet called Edun. She was worshiped as a goddess, something she'd always despised. She was banished from Edun to Asgard as punishment (the real reason explained later) and given as a gift to Loki. She's not at all pleased with her new position as someone's possession, and she makes sure to never let Loki forget it. Then the movie happens, and sexy times commence, and all kinds of things.

The second one is more blatant pandering to my perverted side xD It's called "Beauty in the Beasts" (sucky title, but it will make sense as the story unfolds) and is set in the Fright Night movie-verse (2011 version). It's a retelling of the movie but with Jerry having a companion in Dinah (another OC). I'm going to change the ending of the movie and make it all kinds of sexy :p It always kinda bothered me that Jerry could move in somewhere, kill a bunch of people, and no one ever figures it out. He's not exactly a master of subtlety after all. I think he needs someone else if only to help keep him under control when going out amongst the food.

So far I've gotten pretty positive reviews on both, and that makes me a giddy little girl inside. I'm hoping I can keep it up and actually finish something I start xD

Review of Miss FD's "Moment of Fade" video
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No, I'm not dead. I've just been busy stalking Facebook statuses and writing for GPX to post here much lately xD But what better way to start again than with a review of a pretty awesome music video by a pretty awesome chick?

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Character Analysis: Mirana, the White Queen
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Sooooo....yeah, I've kinda been neglecting my LJ for quite some time now :( But now I've got something to post that's not totally worthless or random! Probably going to do another one on Jessica Rabbit at some point.....

I love the depth Anne Hathaway gives the White Queen in this movie. There are quite a few specific instances in the film that imply that she’s not as air-headed and whimsical as she appears. Anne has even described the Queen as follows: "She comes from the same gene pool as the Red Queen. She really likes the dark side, but she's so scared of going too far into it that she's made everything appear very light and happy. But she's living in that place out of fear that she won't be able to control herself.” That in itself makes her such a complex character; it’s a shame we don’t get to delve more into her story since this one is all about Alice.

The first is when we first see her as Bayard races to deliver the news of Alice going to the Red Queen’s castle. She almost floats in from the side, surrounded by her attendants, commenting on how sad the trees seem to be. When she sees Bayard, she dismisses her entourage and continues her floaty-walk-thingy towards the dog…until everyone else is out of sight. Then she runs to meet him as he gives her the update. Her smile disappeared the instant the others were gone, implying that her aloofness is nothing more than an act.

The second is when Alice brings the Vorpol sword to her. The Queen takes the sword and holds it close to her face, her eyes closed and a smile on her lips. This gave me the definite impression that she either used to be a warrior herself and revels in the feel of a sword again, or finds that holding a weapon designed for killing isn’t as horrible and loathsome as she would like everyone to believe.

The next is when Alice tells her she can’t imagine what goes on in the Red Queen’s castle. She stops what she’s doing, looks her dead in the eye, and says “Oh, yes I can,” with a hint of sadness in her voice. This means one of two things: she was witness to her sister’s atrocities, or she can most certainly think of what she can do. Like Hathaway stated, they come from the same gene pool. They both have the capacity for evil and sadism, but the difference between them is that Mirana chooses not to act on any impulses she may have.

Another is her final judgment on the fate of her sister and the Knave: she banishes them both, the Knave begging her not to force him to remain with the Red Queen, forbidding any inhabitant of Underland to show either of them any kindness or even speak to them. And just like that, she turns her back on them both. Though she has vowed to never kill any living thing, she is obviously not above harsh punishments.

Another is her costume itself. Everything she wears is white, including her hair. However, her nails are painted black as are her lips, she has darker eyeshadow that is almost red in hue, and her eyebrows are left dark brown or black as well. Granted, this last piece may have been purely a design choice by the costumer, but it could be interpreted in another way. It’s possible that Mirana has bleached/colored her hair so that it appears white to give her a more ethereal, delicate appearance. She may well have had black hair before becoming queen, hence the dark eyebrows. Had the brows matched the hair, I wouldn’t have thought anything about it, but since it was such a drastic contrast, it certainly can be perceived as something significant.

And finally, the fact that she had taken a vow to never harm or kill anything. Why would she need to make such a promise? Had she done so earlier in life when she and Iracebeth were children and therefore more likely to do the same things together? Does she continue to have violent thoughts and emotions under the surface? Hathaway has commented that that’s the reason she surrounds herself with peaceful people and a calm atmosphere: because she fears losing control of herself and giving into the darkness that clearly resides in her. She’s terrified more of herself than even her sister…and that alone makes for such a dynamic character that I wish she could have her own movie!

Guess the Cosplay!
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I don't want to give too much away on other forums and FaceBook, so I'll just post a picture of a part of the next cosplay I'm excited to start doing. Take a guess at who/what I will be! :D

I headdesk quite a lot
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People. C'mon. A winged unicorn is NOT called an alicorn. It's a winged flippin' unicorn! An alicorn is what the actual horn of a unicorn is called. I've studied and read about these creatures since birth. Just because you watch My Little Pony (which the new show is actually quite awesome) doesn't mean you know what the hell you're talking about. Unicorn horn = alicorn. Princess Celestia = winged unicorn. GET IT RIGHT!!!!

selling crap
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Well, it looks like I've got no choice but to try my hand at online selling. I've been thinking about my jrock photobooks that I don't look at, and don't really care about anymore (but no way in hell I'm giving up my autographed Versailles book, Moon Child, or Malice Mizer books! -clings-), so I'm selling them. This'll really help me clear out my closet and raise money for a family trip to NYC this summer to see the Harry Potter Exhibition and the new Cirque du Soleil show 8D

If anyone's interested, here's my sales post:

Please buy my crap! I really want it out of here -sobs at too much crap and not enough money-

Oh. I've also got a pair of Funtasma white patent leather Mary Janes for sale over on CosCom: I'd bought them originally for my Node of Scherzo cosplay, but they were too big (Funtasma doesn't believe in half sizes, apparently). So they've just been collecting dust while I had to buy the next smallest size to fit. Someone take these things.


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